On Demand Booking
Platform for Heavy

What is AespadaSL

It is a cloud based On-Demand Booking Platform which connects construction-related companies to a network of logistics providers with fleet of heavy vehicles ranging from Cargo vans, Lorries, Lorry Cranes and Trailers.

AespadaSL promotes remote booking and monitoring and requires little human-to-human interaction. With AespadaSL, users can submit and immediate booking or scheduled booking for future deliveries.

Benefits of AespadaSL?

1 - For Customers
  • Order 24/7
  • Track Real-Time material movement
  • Determie Estimated Time of Arrival of materials to job sites
  • Wide Range of heavy vehicles at your fingertips
2 - For Partners & Drivers
  • Monetize Under Utilized Assets
  • Track Real-Time lorry location
  • Maximize Asset Value
  • Ability to Accept & Dispatch Orders to Drivers

How It Works

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AespadaSL works with construction companies, logistics providers and drivers to
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The Delivery Management System tailored for the Construction Industry

What is AespadaDMS

It is a cloud-based tool to help Main contractors manage and monitor all deliveries to their construction sites with a time slot management system and delivery scheduling.

It is equipped with a GPS tracking and a Geofencing feature which auto notify the Main contractors of incoming deliveries.

AespadaDMS is a highly scalable software and does not need additional equipment or expensive investment by users for onboarding or future enhancements.

It was designed with the collaboration of Industry Partners under Singapore BEAMP, initiated by Building & Construction Authority, JTC Corporation & Enterprise Singapore to solve the problem of Traffic Congestions and Bottlenecks on construction sites due to late and unplanned material deliveries.

Benefits of AespadaDMS?

1 - Time Saved
Main contractors save hours of waiting time and Lorries queuing time is reduced.

2 - Environmental Impact
Reduction in CO2 emission and carbon footprint for the projects.

3 - Accountability
Subcontractors will ensure that they deliver on time to keep a good record.

4 - Full Visibility
Real time traceability of incoming deliveries to sites.


BCA Academy Phase 2, Singapore
JTC Multi-Storey Recycling Facility, Singapore

Aespada is a Singapore based Technology company with the vision to Accelerate the Digitalization of the Material Logistics for the Construction Industry.


Our mission is to create a seamless logistics ecosystem by building an Award-winning On Demand Heavy Vehicle Booking Platform and Delivery Management System to elevate the Construction Industry’s productivity.

Our emphasis is to add sustainable Value to our customers, partners and the Industry.

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